This is the classic word search puzzle where you need to locate a list of given words in a grid. Words can be placed in any of eight different directions: horizontal left to right and right to left, vertical up down and down up, diagonal top left to bottom right and reverse or diagonal top right to bottom left and reverse.

To mark a word, drag your mouse/finger over the word from first letter to last. Alternatively you can tap the first letter and then tap the last - (Tap Mode selected from Preferences).

There is one themed puzzle per day but unlimited other puzzles with random words, with different difficulty levels (grid sizes).

If you are logged in, your best time will be recorded for easy, medium and hard puzzles per day (unless you use hints or the pause button).

Daily Themed Puzzle

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Below is a list of top 20 players for yesterday's puzzles.

#Easy Medium Hard
1jmmort1:17 Pickles2:41 Pickles4:35
2concreteskie1:30 jmmort3:17 jmmort6:08
3Pickles1:36 concreteskie3:30 antipodean6:28
4pavi1:38 pavi4:08 concreteskie6:39
5nannyynez1:45 nannyynez4:20 jeffgamer6:55
6jflintnb1:48 vnev4:47 nannyynez7:06
7JGS191:55 Anne26074:52 Doll9:47
8ejs1:58 JGS194:57 pavi10:38
9adelema1:59 antipodean5:07 ejs10:43
10Anne26071:59 preep445:13 Anne260710:46
11Julieburger2:10 adelema5:39 JGS1911:16
12Loafman2:12 goodsam5:41 deldew12312:34
13goodsam2:15 Jeffner6:28 oldchief12:34
14katze2:18 patilou7:26 goodsam12:48
15grandmakat2:32 duanesmit48:50 darrine13:14
16gyukim2:47 oldbroad9:17 Calvario13:37
17faywhitford2:53 be9:24 evymon14:20
18waterswirl2:55 Lillo619:34 riverrat15:07
19Jeffner3:08 ginny7510:26 lrnathanson16:24
20servus13543:40 duanesmit910:38 be17:23