Word Ferret
How many words can you find in three minutes?
Word Ruffle
Make as many words as possible from a list of letters. Three levels to challenge your skills.
Word Zap
Make words from letters to complete levels but you need to think ahead.
Word Drop
Make words from letters that drop. Combines elements of Word Ruffle and Word Ferret.
Solve the crossword that has no clues, only numbers substituted for letters.
If you like crosswords, you will love this version where you need to reveal hidden text.
Unravel the hidden saying using your code solving skills.
Drop Quotes
Solve the quote by "dropping" letters into the crossword squares.
Word Search
Classic word search puzzles. Three levels of difficulty plus daily themed puzzle.
Speed Cross
Place words on the board to see how much you can score in the time frame.
Mega Cross
Place words on a shared board the size of 100 Scrabble boards joined together!
Word Mesh
Try use all tiles to make connected words. You can rearrange them each round.
Word Fill
Fill the crossword grid with the list of given words.