DKM FreeCell Points is a multi-player version of the classic FreeCell solitaire. Multiple players each solve the same FreeCell deal at the same time. There is a limit of five minutes per game and the player with the highest score wins.

If you are not familiar with FreeCell, here are the Rules

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Results and Rankings - top scores from yesterday and top 30 player rankings.


50 points for each card played to a foundation.
-5 points for each move (except to a foundation).
-100 points if a card played from a foundation back to a column or cell.
-25 points for an undo.

If you complete the game before the allotted time, you score a bonus of 15 points per second left.

Input Tips

Clicking/tapping any exposed card at the bottom of column will move it to a foundation (if possible) else to a free cell, if there is one. Clicking/tapping a card on a free cell will move it to a foundation (if possible).

When dragging a card to another column, you can just drop the card anywhere on the column (not necessarily on the exposed card at the bottom).

Note that AutoPlay cards option is disabled for this game. However, once there are no cards in any column that are lower in rank than one below it, all cards will automatically then be played to the foundations and you will score your bonus.