Sudoku and Variants

Sudoku Online
Packed with features.
Sudoku Daily Challenge
Samurai Sudoku
Solve these challenging five-grid Sudoku puzzles online.
Shichi Sudoku
Solve these really challenging seven-grid Sudoku puzzles online. Unique to DKM.
Sudoku Points
Solve the same puzzle as others simultaneously and score as many points as possible. A new challenge every five minutes.
Killer Sudoku
Great Sudoku variant where cells grouped in "cages" and you are given the total of each cage.
Frame Sudoku
Need an extra challenge? Start with very few given numbers but introduces frame numbers to help solve.
Sandwich Sudoku
Interesting and challenging Sudoku variant where you are given the total of digits between the "1" and "9".
Sudoku Sniper
Challenge human or computer opponents to Sudoku! It's exciting, it's fun.
Hyper Sudoku
Excellent Sudoku variation.
Sudoku 16
Same rules as Sudoku but 16 rows, columns and blocks.
Great Sudoku variation where the grid is in the shape of a honeycomb.
Word Sudoku
Unique derivative of Sudoku where you need to place given words into a grid.


Word Games

Word Ferret
How many words can you find in three minutes?
Word Ruffle
Make as many words as possible from a list of letters. Three levels to challenge your skills.
Word Zap
Make words from letters to complete levels but you need to think ahead.
Solve the crossword that has no clues, only numbers substituted for letters.
Word Drop
Make words from letters that drop. Combines elements of Word Ruffle and Word Ferret.
Word Search
Classic word search puzzles. Three levels of difficulty plus daily themed puzzle.
If you like crosswords, you will love this version where you need to reveal hidden text.
Unravel the hidden saying using your code solving skills.
Drop Quotes
Solve the quote by "dropping" letters into the crossword squares.
Word Fill
Fill the crossword grid with the list of given words.
Word Mesh
Try use all tiles to make connected words. You can rearrange them each round.
Speed Cross
Place words on the board to see how much you can score in the time frame.
Wordiz New
Guess the 5, 6 and 7 letter word in as few guesses as possible.
Word Ladder New
Move from start word to end word in as few steps as possible.
Mega Cross
Place words on a shared board the size of 100 Scrabble boards joined together!

Logic Puzzles

Another great logic puzzle from DKM. Also known as Battleship Puzzle. Play it now!
Find where the tents are in a grid. Excellent logic puzzle.
Work out where all the black squares are. Carefully created puzzles.
Great number puzzle. Simple rules - challenging puzzles.
Think differently to solve these great number logic puzzles.
Remove duplicate numbers in a grid. Simple rules, elegant logic puzzle.
Join the two ends of the snake - requires some different thinking.
Work out where the mines are placed in the grid.
Mark all the blank squares either white or black. Four grid sizes to choose from.
Clever logic puzzle where you need to draw a loop through all the pearls. Might get you addicted!
Another fun puzzle where all squares either white or black. Four grid sizes and three levels of difficulty.

Card Games

Try the nine popular Solitaire games such as FreeCell, Eight Off, Klondike and Yukon.
Fast paced multi-player Solitaire. Play against humans or bots.
Play the popular game where you must avoid winning hearts.
Try to make the exact number of tricks you and your partner bid.
Oh Hell
Try to predict how many tricks you will take for the hand.
Easier version of Bridge without bidding. Great way to learn Bridge and cardplay skills.
Crazy Eights
Get rid of all the cards in your hand to avoid losing points.
Simplified Bridge without bidding.


Other Games

Solve over 4000 jigsaw puzzles online or create your own. Enjoy daily challenges.
Match-3 style game where you need to match 3 or more tiles in any row or column.
Interesting variation of Mahjong Solitaire. All puzzles solvable.
Classic tile matching game - lots of layouts to choose from.
Memory training game in the style of "concentration".
Fit the block pieces into the grid and clear lines. How high can you score?
Remove all the bricks in this new take on an old retro game.
Old strategy game for two players. Simple rules, plenty skill. Play against another or a bot.
Join the tiles until you get to the 2048 tile. Can you do it?
Ancient Japanese strategy game where you need to get five stones in a row.
Play Chess against others or a top rated computer player.
Map It
Guess where you are in the world. Fun, educational.
Play daily trivia quizzes at different levels.
Guess Who
Test your people knowledge by matching images to names.
Guess The Movie
Test your movie knowledge in guessing the movie titles.
Word Sketch
Fun drawing game where you need to draw a given word so that others can guess it.