DKM Pairs is a memory game where you need to match pairs of tiles. Playing is very simple - you turn over one tile and then try to find a matching tile. There are 32 levels, each getting progressively harder.

When you click on the first tile of a turn and you have exposed a matching tile in a previous turn, a message tells you that the pair is known. This indicates that you should then be able to make a match (if you have perfect recall). The scoring system incorporates this principle. In some levels, all the tiles are revealed initially for a few seconds. This makes it harder to score a perfect recall as it assumes you remember where each tile is.

You can also play against another human New! or a computer opponent (bot).

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If you wish to just play a specific level, select from the numbers below. Playing a specific level will not affect your accumulated score or which level you last completed successfully.

Note: The level difficulty settings may not be very accurate at first. As usage statistics are gathered, they will be calibrated to be more precise.


  • Each time you make a successful match you score 20 points.
  • If you fail to match and you should have been able to (a matching tile was previously shown), you score (-5 * number of times match tile has been shown). So if a matching tile has been revealed three times before, you will score -15.
  • At the end of a level, if successful, you score a bonus of the number of seconds remaining. Also, if you have perfect recall, you score a bonus of (5 * number of pairs in the level).