In this version of Pairs you play against another human or computer "bot". Each take a turn to match a pair of tiles. If you successfully match, you continue playing until you miss. The winner is the one who collects the most pairs.

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   Computer Bot


Computer Bot Opponent

If you select AutoBot, the bot will adjust it's skill according to your play. Skill levels range from 20-100. Clicking the info icon when playing will tell you the current skill level of the bot.
The skill level will be remembered between sessions. Make sure you are logged in if more than one player on your device.

Please note that the bot never cheats. If it matches a pair that had not been revealed previously, it is just by chance (same as could happen with human player). The BestBot (skill level 100) will play a perfect game, that is it will remember all tiles that have been revealed and always choose intelligently.