Guess Who is a set of quizzes where you need to match well-known people with an image of them. Each quiz comprizes twenty names. You are shown an image of a person and need to click on the name you think belongs to that image.

The people selected for the quizzes are taken from a well researched reference listed below *.

All quizzes are available now (as opposed to one daily) and have been divided into various categories. Click on a category below to get a list of quizzes:

People selected from top 1000 most memorable
People selected from top 1000-4000 most memorable
People selected from top 4000-5000 most memorable
People born between 0 AD and 1500
People born between 1500 and 1800
People born in 19th century
People born between 1900 and 1940
People born after 1940


* Yu, A. Z., et al. (2016). Pantheon 1.0, a manually verified dataset of globally famous biographies. Scientific Data 2:150075. doi: 10.1038/sdata.2015.75