DKM Sudoku Points is a multi-user challenge where you solve the same puzzle as other players simultaneously. Every five or six minutes (depending on your choice) you are presented with a new Sudoku puzzle and the idea is to score as many points as possible in that time. Points are allocated each time you enter a correct cell and deducted each time you make a mistake or guess. There is a bonus if you complete the puzzle within the five minutes.

When solving the puzzle, all the solve aids (including checking your input) will not be available.

Scores are updated on the leaderboard every 30 seconds.

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Sudoku Points Results - top scores from yesterday and top 150 player rankings.

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Point Scoring

  • For each correct entry you score 5 times a multiplier. The multiplier starts at 20 and is decremented every 15 seconds (or 18 seconds for six minute game).
  • For each incorrect entry, points are deducted according to the same formula but are multiplied by an error count. For example, if you have made two errors previously and you make another error where the points would have been 50, you score -50 * 3 that is -150. So you are severly punished for incorrect entries to discourage guessing.
  • If you complete the puzzle within the allotted time, you score a bonus 500 points plus 2 points for every second left. The "Gold" room scores double the bonus, ie 1000 points plus 4 points per second left.
  • Using the pencil does not affect point scoring in any way.