DKM Triplets is a "match-3" style game where you need to match 3 identical tiles in a row or column by swapping pairs. The objective is to progress through all the levels (25) and score as high as possible.

Playing is very simple but it is suggested you read the How To Play first.

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If you wish to just play a specific level, select from the numbers below. Playing a specific level will not affect your accumulated score or which level you last completed successfully.

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Daily Challenge

Participate in the daily challenge to try make it on the leaderboard. There is only one level and the objective is to score as high as possible. For each criteria met before the allotted time (there may be up to three, eg clear shaded cells and get fruit to bottom and score xx points), you score a bonus 500 points. If all criteria are met before time up, you score an additional 50 points per second remaining.
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User Created Levels

Now you can easily create your own custom levels. After successfully completing one, you can choose to share it publically or privately. Private puzzles will only be seen by you or whoever you share the link with.

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