The object of Nonograms is to fill in the grid with black and white squares according to the clue numbers given for each row and column. The clue numbers inform how many consecutive black squares there are.
For example, if the clue numbers are 2,4 it means there are 2 black squares followed by at least one white square, then 4 black squares. Any remaining squares will be white. So in a grid of size 8, the possible combinations for 2,4 would be:

■■□■■■■□    □■■□■■■■    ■■□□■■■■

All squares start off gray (unknown). To solve, click/tap a square to change it to black, click again to white and click again to change back to gray. Alternatively, right click to change to white.

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Nonograms are also known by a number of other names such as Hanjie, Picross, Griddlers and usually the resulting grid is a simple pixellated picture. The Nonograms here do not result in a picture. Instead each grid is created so that it is solvable logically at each step and has only one solution. No guessing required! Also, new puzzles can be generated on demand without relying on the availability of pictures.