DKM Nonograms Help


To solve the puzzle you need to fill in all the squares of the grid either black or white. To work out which of the squares are black, you need to examine the clue strings given for each row and each column. The clue numbers inform how many consecutive black squares there are.
For example, if the clue numbers are 2,1,4 it means there are 2 black squares followed by at least one white square, then 1 black square, then at least one white square then 4 black squares. Any remaining squares will be white. So in a grid of size 10, the possible combinations for 2,1,4 would be:


Note: All puzzles are solvable by pure logic - no guessing required!

How To Play

  • Select the grid size from the splash screen. One new puzzle per grid size is available each day.
  • All squares start off gray (unknown).
  • Click/tap a square to change it to black, click again to white and click again to change back to gray.
  • Alternatively, right click to change to white.

Description Of Menu Options

Another Puzzle
Select to go back and choose another grid size.
Clears all input and starts puzzle over.
Check Input
Checks to see if you have made any mistakes. Any errors made will be shown in red.
Will highlight which row or column has the most squares that can be solved at that stage and also tells you how many squares can be solved there.
Solve a Row/Col
As for the hint above, this option will actually fill in the answers to the squares that can be solved for that row/column.
Show Solution
Will fill in all squares - that is complete the puzzle.
Saves the current state of the puzzle to temporary user data on this computer. This is useful if you wish to come back another time to continue solving it.
Restores the last saved puzzle on this computer.
Exit Game
Returns to main Nonograms page.

Basic Strategy

Begin by looking for any row or column where there is only one place for each square to go. For example, if the clue string is "4,3,1", there are 8 black squares and must be at least 2 white squares to go in between. So in a grid of size 10, you can immediately fill in the entire row/column.

If you have say 6 consecutive black squares and a gap of 8, you can at least fill in 4 of the 6 squares with certainty (middle 4 of the 8).

The Hint option will help you whenever you are stuck.