DKM MegaCross is similar to DKM SpeedCross except played on a shared board of size 150x150 squares (100 regular boards joined together). All other players logged in will update the same board (unless you choose to play alone). The board will remain until it is full.

Each word you make must use one or more existing tiles on the board. Tiles can only be placed horizontally or vertically in one turn but may make more than one word. Scoring depends on the letter value of each word, whether placed on special squares on the board and also bonuses are scored for the number of tiles used in a turn as well as the number of words made in a turn. All used tiles are replenished at the end of each turn and the tilebag is automatically replenished when empty.

You can navigate around the board by dragging it, using the arrow keys or clicking on the mini-map on the bottom right.

Play On Shared Board

You do not need to login to play but if you have, your statistics will be kept - total number of turns, total score and average per word.

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Play Alone

If you play alone, the board will be saved locally in your browser when you exit. No statistics will be kept.
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Rules, Scoring and Input Tips