MegaCross Help

How To Play

  • At the start of the game you are given seven letter tiles. To place a tile on the board, simply drag it or click on a square on the board, then click the tile or enter the letter of the tile via the keyboard.
  • All the tiles in each move must be in the same line horizontally or vertically. Also, you must use at least one existing letter on the board for the new word, unless it's the first word in which case it must use the middle square.
  • In forming a horizontal word, any letters directly above or below those letters placed may form vertical words. A bonus is awarded for more than one word formed on a move. (Same applies to vertical words.)
  • To submit a word, click the "Submit" button or press the Enter key. Once accepted, a word cannot be undone.
  • Only words in the dkm MegaCross dictionary are accepted (over 170,000). No proper nouns.
  • To undo the last tile placed, click the "Undo" button or drag the tile off the board. To recall all the tiles played in the current move, click the "Recall" button.
  • You can swap a tile for a new one but it will cost you 10 points. Drag a tile to the tile bag to swap it.
  • When playing the shared board, click on the icons to the left to ttogle current user list or chat window. You can drag these windows to any position.

Navigating the Board

To move around the board, you can either:
  • Drag the board by pressing mouse down on an empty square or any tile already accepted.
  • Use the keyboard arrow keys. Holding a key down will move the board in that direction very rapidly.
  • Click on a point in the map on the bottom right. The board will center on that spot.


Each word formed in a move scores the sum of it's letter values plus extra if one of the tiles in that move is placed on a special square. Special squares are:

Double Letter (DL) - letter on that square scores double its value.
Triple Letter (TL) - letter on that square scores triple its value.
Double Word (DW) - word scores double.
Triple Word (TW) - word scores triple.

In addition, a bonus is scored if four or more tiles are used in a move:
4 tiles scores 4 points
5 tiles scores 10 points
6 tiles scores 30 points
7 tiles scores 80 points.

An additional bonus is scored if you make more than one word in a move:
2 words scores 6
3 words scores 18
4 words scores 40
5 words scores 100.

Swapping a tile costs 10 points.

In the example above, adding the letter "R" to the "O" already placed makes the word "FOR" and also makes the word "NO". Therefore, the score for "FOR" is 12 (double word), for "NO" is 2 which totals 14. A bonus of 6 is scored for forming two words giving a score of 20.


You may find it quickest to place words using the keyboard. Click on a square on the board to highlight it and then enter the letter (of one of the tiles) to go in that square. Press Enter to submit the word.