Minibridge is a simplified version of the game of Bridge, essentially Bridge without the bidding phase. It is an excellent way to start learning Bridge without all the complexities of bidding for a contract. Anyone familiar with trick taking card games and the concept of trump suits, will be up and playing within minutes.

Minibridge was first developed in France and the Netherlands as an introduction to bridge for school children and was soon acknowledged as an excellent game in its own right.

Differences between Bridge and Minibridge

This paragraph is for those familiar with Bridge. If you are new to Bridge, please read the full explanation of the game.
In Minibridge there is no auction for the contract. Instead, each players' High Card Points (HCP) are displayed for all to see and the partnership with the highest total plays the contract. The declarer is the player with the highest point count in the partnership. The dummy hand is then displayed and the declarer must decide what suit to play the contract in (or no-trumps) and whether it is a "part-score" contract or a "game" contract. In a part score contract the declarer must make at least 7 tricks (equivalent to a 1 level contract) and in a game contract must make at least 9 tricks (no-trumps), 10 tricks (major suit) or 11 tricks (minor suit) - as in Bridge. The play of the hand then follows exactly as per Bridge with the same scoring at the end of the hand.
Minibridge Plus is a variation that moves it closer to Bridge (see below).

Education and Practice

In this version, you can play a game (first partnership to 1000 points), or practice individual hands. In practice mode, at completion you can see what other scores are possible with different contracts. You can also get information at any point as to how many tricks you can win for each card in your hand.

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Minibridge Plus

Minibridge Plus introduces a couple of changes that bring it closer to Bridge. Differences are:

  • A part game requires you to make at least 8 tricks (instead of 7).
  • You can also choose to go for a Small Slam (12 tricks) or a Grand Slam (all 13 tricks). Small Slam awards 500 points bonus and Grand Slam 1000 points.

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