Minibridge Help

This page explains help and features in this version of Minibridge. For an explanation of the game Minibridge, please see the Rules page.

Description Of Menu Options


This will start a new game of Minibridge. A game will consist of a number of deals until one partnership or the other reaches 1000 points. Each deal is random which means there is an equal chance of any of the four players being declarer. If the declarer is North, you will play as if North and South will be the dummy.

Practice Declarer

This will deal cards in such a way that South (you) are always the declarer. This means you will always be selecting the contract and playing North's hand as well.
At the end of the hand, you will be scored and you can also see what other scores you could have made if you chose another contract for this hand. These other scores assume perfect defence from West/East. If you scored more than what is indicated you should have scored for the same contract, it is because the computer players do not defend perfectly! (Working on improving the robot AI play.)
You will be given an opportunity to replay the hand and you can choose the same or another contract.

Practice Random

Same as for "Practice Declarer", except that the declarer is randomly chosen.


Replay the last practice hand. Not available during a game. When you replay a hand, there will be a Hint button that will show you all the possible tricks you can make for each card in your hand at that point.


If it is clear that you must win (or lose) all remaining tricks, you can select this option and pick the number of tricks to claim.


Sound Effects: Choose whether to have sound or not.
Auto Play One: If selected and only one possible card to play, it will play it for you automatically.
Fast Play: If selected, cards will move immediately. If not, a player's card will only move after the previous player's card has finished moving. (The robot time to select a card is always near instantaneous.)
Table Surface: Select the table surface.