DKM Bricks is a fresh take on the retro game called Breakout.

To play, simply move the paddle left/right by moving your mouse and try not to let the ball drop below the paddle. To complete the level, you need to remove all the bricks (except the black ones).

For each multi-level game the computer will remember which level you last completed successfully so you can continue next time you launch the game.

Time to give your brain a rest and exercise your reflexes.

Select a game from the list below:

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Daily Challenge

Each day there is a new one level challenge. Unlike other daily challenges, you can play as many times as you like - only your best score for the day will be recorded on the leaderboard. You can also play if not registered but obviously your score will not be posted to the leaderboard.
If you complete the level you score a bonus of 500 plus 200 for each life (ball) left.

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Playing Tips

  • The paddle moves to the exact horizontal position that the mouse moves so you must keep the mouse between the two vertical lines of the game. Height does not matter but it is suggested keeping the mouse in the area below the paddle (where the ball can drop through).
  • There is a Pause button to give you a breather but you can also use the "Pause" or "P" keys on the keyboard.
  • Grey bricks require two hits to be removed and score the highest, followed by teal, tan, magenta, gold, cyan and then pink.
  • If the height of your browser is not sufficient to show the full game, use the "Full Screen" button  ⇱  on the bottom left side.
  • If the ball gets stuck in a horizontal trajectory, press the Space key.


Power Ups

When certain bricks are removed, a "power up" will drop. Catch the power up with your paddle to activate it. These are the current power ups: