Guess the Movie is a quiz where you need to identify the movie titles. Each quiz comprizes five movies. You are shown the word makeup of each title and the movie tagline to start and given 90 seconds to guess the title. As you enter letters, they will be filled in (if correct). After 30 seconds, hints will start being displayed to help you.

A new quiz will be available each day (EST) plus the previous week's quizzes.


If you solve the movie in time, you score 100 points plus 1 point for each second remaining. For each letter/number you enter incorrectly, you lose 10 points except for vowels where you lose 30 points.

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#High Scores Today Yesterday
1leengee833 leengee844
2bandw778 waltmae785
3jsander762 Dingdonger763
4Toys747 ComputerGuru749
5kuching736 Oberon728
6Caroline0541736 bandw720
7mooduc735 jsander700
8jiggy718 smarty698
9yiayia717 ubu696
10Finnegan717 Ferrel695
11Alasdair695 jessiemalon688
12sleepygiant694 Rumpus678
13Ferrel693 BirdDog671
14emilym686 jlalnljl668
15goblue87684 tripleggg665
16Tywwia682 beam665
17Oberon660 lojical1662
18beam645 TheFlyingV661
19nanaclaudia644 ACFOX659
20walter640 walter657