DKM WordZap is a word game where you need to make as many words as possible from letters in a grid. The challenge is to try progress through all eight levels scoring as high as possible.

Words are made by connecting adjacent letters (same as Word Ferret or the game Boggle). When you make a word, those letters disappear and the ones above them slide down. To complete a level you need to clear that many lines from the grid, eg level 4 you need to clear 4 rows at the top within the allocated time. If you achieve the goal for a level, you can choose to continue playing that level until the time elapses to add to your score and also earn "power ups". Please see help page.

There are also three different levels of difficulty to choose from.

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Daily Challenge

Participate in the daily challenge to try make it on the leaderboard. Each day (US Eastern Standard Time) you can play the same puzzle as everyone else. The daily challenge has only one level (level 8) and you have 3 minutes to score as high as possible. See Help for scoring.
You will need to register and login first to play. Registration is free and takes less than a minute.

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