Word Ruffle Help

The object of this game is to find as many words as possible in the allotted three minutes for each of the three levels. Each word scores points - the longer the word, the more points are scored (see table below). A large bonus score is on offer if you can find all the words in a level.

The first level has six letter tiles to choose from, the second - seven letters and the third - eight letters. After each of the first two levels, you need to score at least 60% of the total points for that level or find a word that uses all letters in order to qualify for the next level.

If you prefer a longer (or shorter) time for each level, you can set the number of minutes in the initial splash screen. A setting of 0 minutes will play untimed - you will need to tap the "End" button or press the "End" key to end a level.

Note: There are only three levels in this version of the game.

The top of the screen shows you the number of possible words of each length for that level.

How To Play

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are on a PC or have a keyboard, you may using these keys much faster.

Multi-player Mode

If you have selected to play with others, each round is five minutes long rather than three minutes per level. When/if you find the word that uses all the letters, you can choose to go to the next level (the "Next Level" button will become active). You may choose to spend more time on the current level (eg find all words for the bonus) - that is a strategic decision.

Scores are updated on the leaderboard every 30 seconds and a new round starts 30 seconds after the previous one has completed.



If you find all the words in the level, you score a bonus equal to the number of points on offer for that level.

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