DKM Word Mesh is a fast paced word game where you need to use all the tiles to make a grid (mesh) of words. Each word must be connected to at least one other word (as per Speedcross and Scrabble).

You start with seven tiles and as soon as you submit the board having used all the tiles to create words successfully, the round is over. In each successive round you receive two more tiles and you must now incorporate these in your word grid. When you complete a round successfully, you score for all the words you have formed. The value of each letter is marked on the tile.

Unlike SpeedCross or Scrabble, you can rearrange any of your tiles as many times as you like while you try to incorporate them in words. If you are unable to use all the tiles in a round (or simply wish to skip the round), you may choose to do so.

There are ten rounds per game and the last round is most important. You score double for that round if you complete it successfully. You also get a time bonus if you complete the game in less than five minutes and you get bonuses for words used longer than six letters.

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In the daily challenge you get the same sequence of tiles as everyone else.
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Yesterday's winning board

Watch this quick two minute video of a game.