DKM Sudoku Sniper Help

DKM Sudoku Sniper follows the same rules as regular Sudoku for solving the puzzle, that is, each row, column and block must each contain the digits "1" to "9".

How To Start

To play a private game against another, press the Private button, enter your name (does not have to be your registered username), and then Create New button. You can enter a Game Id (something simple to convey) - it is used for another to join the game, although you will get an Invite URL when you create the game that you can send to your prospective opponent.

Press the Public button if you wish to play against another visitor to the site. You can join an existing game (if one available) else create your own and wait for an opponent.

Press the Computer Bot button to play against a computer bot. There are five opponent skill levels to choose from.


  • A correct cell entry scores one point.
  • An incorrect cell entry scores minus three points.
  • If you complete a row, column or block with only your entries, you score bonus two points.

Other Notes

  • You may use pencil marks in the same way as regular Sudoku. They do not count towards scoring in any way.
  • There is an alternate mode of number input via the mouse called "Active Number Mode" (see below).
  • You cannot clear any cell that already has a correct entry.
  • The Bot will never cheat - it will only fill in cells that have one possible number at that point in time.
  • You can change the color of your opponent's input in the Settings

Keyboard Input

If you prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse, you may:
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate around the grid.
  • Use the number keys to enter a number in the highlighted cell.
  • Hold the Shift key when entering a number to "pencil" it in. Pressing the same key again will remove the pencilled number.
  • Press the "P" key to toggle between Pen and Pencil.

Active Number Mode

If you select this mode (option in the Settings), then the number you click from the Number Pad on the right becomes the "active number". The mouse cursor will change to this number and clicking on any cell will enter it in that cell. This is the reverse of the "cell select" mode, where you highlight a cell and then select the number to input. Those that prefer to solve by focusing on one specific number at a time will find this mode more convenient.

To change the active number, select a new one from the Number Pad or scroll the mouse wheel down/up to increase/decrease the number.

In the Active Number mode, all pencil functionality remains the same as does the ability to still use the keyboard.