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DKM SpeedCross is a fast paced word game where you need to make as many words as possible in the given time. Each word you make must use one or more existing tiles on the board. Tiles can only be placed horizontally or vertically in one turn but may make more than one word. Scoring depends on the letter value of each word, whether placed on special squares on the board and also bonuses are scored for the number of tiles used in a turn as well as the number of words made in a turn. All used tiles are replenished at the end of each turn.

Play Alone

There is a multi-player version where there is a new game every five minutes and scores are updated in realtime. Play With Others

SpeedCross Multi-player Statistics - top scores from yesterday and top 30 player rankings.

You can also play one-on-one against another player in a turn-based manner (like Scrabble). Each player has a limited time - set when you create a game. You will also earn a rating. Give it a try.

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Try MegaCross - shared board 100 times larger.

Daily Challenge

In the daily challenge you get the same sequence of tiles as everyone else. In your first set of seven tiles, there will always be at least one 6 or 7 letter word. (You do not need to use this word to start.)
You will need to register and login first to play. Registration is free and takes less than a minute.

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Rules, Scoring and Input Tips

Yesterday's winning board