Addiction Help

Addiction is a different and challenging solitaire card game. It is normally difficult to win however all deals generated in this version are solvable without needing to reshuffle.


Addiction uses a single deck of 52 cards. All cards are dealt into 4 rows of 13 columns each. The Aces are then removed to leave 4 blank spaces (gaps).


The object of the game is to move cards until each row contains cards in sequence from 2 to King of the same suit.


A gap can be filled by moving into it the card that is the same suit and a rank higher than the card on the gap's left.

Nothing may be placed in a gap to the right of a King or another gap.

Only 2s may be played in the left column.

When no move is possible (or at any time) the deck may be reshuffled. All cards that are not in suit sequence starting from 2 in the left column will be shuffled and replaced. You may do this up to 3 times.


All cards that may be moved will be highlighed in yellow. Simply click the card and it will be moved to a valid gap.

If unsure how to play, generate a new game and then select Show Solution - the deal will then be solved card by card.