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If you have a puzzle that you feel would be suitable to add to the library of jigsaw puzzles and would like to share it, please upload it here.
Images may now be any size/resolution up to 2 MB. The server will resize appropriately.

Acceptance Guidelines

Please do not submit images that meet any of the points below:
  • Contains writing of any kind, specifically web addresses or copyright notices.
  • Not of high enough resolution and looks grainy or blurred.
  • Images of a personal nature.
  • May possibly offend any viewer.
  • More than one image of a similar nature or same location. Choose the best one to submit.

Please make sure the description is short but descriptive. For example, a picture of the Ponte Vecchio bridge should say that and where it is, rather than just "Florence" or "Italy" or "old bridge". If it is a flower, it would be desirable to mention the type of flower.
Do not submit the same description for more than one image.
Please do not resubmit an image if it was not accepted.

Conditions of Upload

By clicking the "Upload Image" button below, you agree to the following conditions:
  • The image does not have any copyright attached to it.
  • You agree that others may freely use the image as part of this, or any other DKM Software site.
  • DKM Games reserves the right to choose which images to place in the public library.



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Supported image types are jpg and png.