Multi-player Jigsaw Solving - Beta

Solve jigsaw puzzles with others simultaneously. You can either solve privately with friends/family or publically with other dkmGames visitors. No need to register.



How it differs from regular jigsaw solving:

  • Pieces are only deemed fitted when in the correct position inside the designated image frame. When that happens, other users are informed of the fit and the piece(s) cannot be subsequently moved. It is possible to fit only one piece, eg a corner one.
  • You can still join pieces outside their frame position and then move the group to the correct fitted position. Be aware that if another player fits one of the pieces in your group, it will be extracted out of your group and moved to it's fitted position.
  • Only the host (creator of the game) can elect to start a new puzzle. This can be done any time a puzzle has started by pressing the New Puzzle button, not just at the end of the puzzle (eg do not like the image).
    If the host leaves, the person second to join becomes the new host.
  • There is chat available - button at bottom right to show/hide the window.