DKM Irasuto is a logic puzzle invented by Naoki Inaba (who also invented Suguru). The rules are very simple. You are given a grid and need to set each unknown (gray) cell to either white or black such that:

  • A number in a white cell represents the number of empty white cells that can be seen from that cell.
  • A number in a black cell represents the number of empty black cells that can be seen from that cell.
  • Cells are only "seen" horizontally or vertically (not diagonally).
Sample puzzle and it's solution at bottom of this page.

To mark a cell, click to set WHITE then click again for BLACK then again to clear (gray). Alternatively you can right click to set to BLACK.

All puzzles are solvable by logic and there are hints to help you solve at any stage.

There is one new puzzle for each grid size per day.



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