Frequently Asked Questions

When I select "Play Now", the game does not appear or I get an empty grid/page?

It may be that the javascript code has changed and not picked up by the browser. If a page does not display properly, the first thing you should always do is refresh the page (circular arrow on side of address input field) or press the F5 key. This will make sure the browser goes back to the website to fetch the latest page and not use the old one in it's memory. Some browsers are "obstinate" and don't always go back to the website. In this case you need to clear cached files in the browser. The steps here are a little different for each browser. It's best to Google "clear browser cached files" for instructions. Note that you do not need to clear cookies - they are not the culprit.

Why can't I connect in the multi-user games? All other games work fine.

The multi-user games use a different server called a "socket server" and not a standard web server. This type of server makes a persistent connection instead of a new connection every time a request is made to the server and so it allows instantaneous responses and communication between multiple users. It allows the server and other users to send messages to your browser (like a chat application).
If there is a special security setup that blocks certain ports, you may not be able to connect reliably. The DKM multi-user server listens on port 3100.

How do I change my email or password or delete my account?

Login first and then click on your user name shown at the top right of the page.
Note: You cannot change your user name but there is an option on this page to delete your account.

I am getting intrusive ads popping up that is interfering with the game play?

If you are experiencing intrusive ads on this site, for example popup ads, ads obscuring game play or strange commercial links embedded in the page, most likely your PC is infected with "adware", a type of malware program that inserts it's content in web pages.
We do display ads on the site but only those from Google, using their Adsense program employed by well over two million other publishers. These ads are displayed to the side, like on this page and sometimes after the content. On any game play pages, they are always at least 150 pixels away (a Google requirement). There are never any popup ads and never any that you are forced to watch or read before being able to play.
If this is not your experience, please check for "Adware". One identified by some users is "" - do a Google search for more information.

When I select "Play in New Window", no window appears.

It may well be a pop-up blocker in the browser. This should not happen as the new window is from the same site, but there is a browser that does this. Also check that the new window is not under the main browser window.