DKM CodeWords is a word puzzle where you need to fill in the words in the crossword-stye grid. Each letter of the alphabet has been substituted for a number between 1 and 26. There are no clues but you are given one word filled in to help you on your way.

How to play

Click on a cell and then enter the letter you think belongs there. All other cells with the same number will automatically be filled in with that letter. If you make a mistake, simply enter another letter in the cell or use the Space or Delete key.

Clicking the "Hint" button will fill in the letter that belongs in the currently highlighted cell.

One new puzzle is available each day, but there is an archive available of the last two weeks puzzles.

Play Now

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Codewords also available as an app for your iPad or your Android tablet or your Amazon Kindle Fire. No need to be connected to the internet.