Chess is now available on DKM Games. You can play against other players or against a top rated computer player.
It is assumed you are familiar with the game and it's rules. If not, there are countless resources on the web for you to learn this wonderfully skillful game. A good place to start is this Wikipedia article that explains the rules and more.

A rating system has been introduced to help match players with those of equal skill and also serves as a measure of your improvement. It is based on the Elo system, adopted by the World Chess Federation. Each new player gets a rating of 1000 to start and this will change with each game completed. Guests can play but always have a rating of 1000, which is sub-optimal. Please register if you have not already.

You can also invite a friend to play a private game with you, even if they have never been to DKM Games before.

Play Against Others

Play Against Computer


Playing against the computer

The computer AI chess player has ten levels of skill you can choose to play against. At the top levels it should play as a grandmaster with a rating close to 3000. Let us know if you are beating it at these levels as there are some things that can still be adjusted.

When playing, a score will appear to the right of the status message. This indicates which color is tactically ahead at that point of the game (measured in centipawns). The background of the score is the color that is ahead.