DKM Yubotu (also known as BattleShip Puzzle or BattleShip Solitaire) is logic puzzle where you need to determine where a fleet of ships are placed in a 10x10 grid. In the traditional puzzle, the fleet consists of ten ships: one battleship, two cruisers, three destroyers and four submarines. In addition, DKM has introduced two variations: A fifteen ship fleet in a 12x12 grid and a twenty ship fleet in a 14x14 grid.

The ships may be placed horizontally or vertically in the grid but no two ships will occupy adjacent grid squares, even diagonally.

Nearly all puzzles start with a few squares already filled in to get you going.

The digits along the side and below the grid indicate the number of grid squares in the corresponding rows and columns that are occupied by ships.

All puzzles are solvable by pure logic alone - no guessing required.

There are nine new puzzles each day, one at each difficulty level for each fleet size.

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Yubotu for iPad or Android (Google Play) now available. Offers additional fleet size of 25 for the tablet versions (phone only 10 and 15 fleet).

Play online on your iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

If you are new to Yubotu, you may like to watch this introductory video that takes you through solving an easy puzzle.