Word Mesh Help

How To Play (Multi-player)

  • Initally you need to join a game or create a new one. The login screen will show what games are currently in progress and who is playing in each game. There is a maximum of five players per game.
  • In round one, you are given seven letter tiles. Drag the tiles to make interlocking word(s) where each word is connected to at least one other word and no word groups are isolated (like Scrabble).
  • As soon as you have used all the tiles in valid words, click the "Submit" button (or press the Enter key). The board will then be verified that all words are valid, interconnected and that all tiles have been used. If not, the tiles at fault will be flashed in red with appropriate message.
  • The round is over as soon as the first player has successfully used all tiles and pressed the "Submit" button or 60 seconds has elapsed.
  • You are give two new tiles each round and you must then incorporate these into your word grid. You may rearrange any of the tiles at any time to achieve this.
  • There are twelve rounds to the game. The last round is most important as you score for the words you have formed (see Scoring).
  • Only words in the dkm WordMesh dictionary are accepted (over 170,000). No proper nouns.


  • If you are the first to complete a round successfully, you score 2 points times the number of players (ie a max of 10 points if five players in the game).
  • The last round is where most of the points are scored, even if you do not complete it successfully. You score for each valid word formed according to the letter value of each tile.
  • At the end you will also score a bonus of 20 if you have made the longest word. If two or more players have made the same length word, no one gets the bonus.

Input Tips

  • You can drag the tiles in the normal way or you can click on a free square and then click the tile you wish to place there.
  • You may find you run out of space in one direction as you build your word grid. You can shift all tiles in any direction by using the arrow keys or by clicking on the grid borders.