DKM Tilt It is a physics based game where you need to remove all the pegs from the board by controlling the ball via "tilting" the board. For mobile devices you actually tilt the device but for desktop/laptop PCs you control the direction of gravity (tilting) and the magnitude of the tilt via the mouse.

Each level contains a number of colored "pegs" which are all initially fixed, that is, they will not move with gravity. Control the ball by changing the direction of tilt/gravity (0-360 degrees) and its strength. Once the ball hits a peg, the peg becomes dislodged and will then move according to it's gravitational rules (see below). The goal is to remove all the pegs from the board (by them falling through the boundary gaps in the board) before you lose all your balls.

For each multi-level game the computer will remember which level you last completed successfully so you can continue next time you launch the game.

Peg colors and movement

Each colored peg behaves differently and has a different score attached.

  • Pink: These pegs are removed from the board as soon as you hit them with your ball (like the game Bricks).
  • Cyan and Gold: These pegs move with gravity - same as the ball. The difference is that the ball has the least air friction and so will accelerate and move faster than any peg. The gold pegs have a little less air friction than the cyan ones and so will move faster than them.
  • Magenta: These pegs move in exactly the opposite direction to the gravity/tilt.
  • Teal: These pegs are not affected by gravity at all. When hit, they will move in the direction of the force that hit them and will not change when you tilt the board.
  • Gray: These are not pegs and can't be removed. The dim gray ones are always fixed and the light gray ones are attached via joints.
  • Black: Beware - these are black holes and will suck up your ball or any peg that passes through the middle. Pegs removed by a black hole will still score as usual.

Select a game from the list below: (currently two games - more to come)

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Playing Tips

  • If the ball is moving too slowly it will not dislodge any pegs that are still fixed.
  • Using the tilt pad:
    • Click the red circle in the middle to initiate gravity - cursor will change to a cross. Then move your mouse over the gray portion of the pad in the gravitational direction you require. The further you move from the red dot in the center, the stronger the gravity. You only need to move small distances to affect gravity - keep your mouse inside the circular pad.
    • Clicking the red dot again will stop gravity. Note the objects will still keep moving if they have velocity.
    • You can position the tilt pad at the bottom left or right of the board - click icon to change.
  • There is a Pause button to give you a breather but you can also use the "Pause" or "P" keys on the keyboard.

Daily Challenge

Each day there is a new one level challenge. Unlike other daily challenges, you can play as many times as you like - only your best score for the day will be recorded on the leaderboard. You can also play if not registered but obviously your score will not be posted to the leaderboard.
If you complete the level you score a bonus of 500 plus 200 for each life (ball) left.

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Power Ups

Power Ups look like the symbols below. They are activated when the ball rolls over them. These are the current power ups: